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Types Of Solar Window Films

Let in the sun, on your terms.

Windows are the soul of a building, and today’s architectural designs have evolved to reflect this, using more and more glass. While this satisfies a true human desire for natural light, it also has a downside: less protection from solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. Our solar window films allow you to maintain the beautiful benefits of windows without making sacrifices. By filtering much of the solar spectrum, window film technology contributes to overall productivity, satisfaction and happiness. Plus, films are less expensive than window replacement and won’t darken rooms or hide desirable views. Explore our full range of products to find the ideal solar film solution for your building.

What Solar Window Film Can Do for You

It’s remarkable how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve daily life.

  • Reflect Heat

    • Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.

  • Help Reduce Fading

    • Help protect the condition of valuable artwork and textile furnishings such as upholstery, carpets and draperies.​​

  • Help Save Energy

    • Solar-heat blocking and insulating properties stabilize temperatures, so heating and cooling systems use less energy..​

  • Help Reduce Glare

    • Reducing harsh glare means a more screen-friendly environment that supports productivity and eye comfort.​

  • Block UV Rays

    • We can’t see UV rays, but feel their heat and see their effects on skin and furnishings. Solar films offer significant UV protection, as much as 99%. ​

  • Increase Indoor Comfort

    • Enjoy any room in your building, any time of day with the help of solar film’s enhanced indoor climate control.


Reflective Window Film

These films provide a high level of control for solar heat, glare and UV rays. They also give window glass a silvery, mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight.


Dual-Reflective Window Film

By pairing a mirrored exterior side with a more subtle interior side, dual-reflective films provide significant solar control while maintaining clear views to the outside after dark.


Deluxe Window Film

These films offer high levels of heat rejection and glare reduction, enhancing indoor comfort in multiple ways. Every available shade has a sophisticated, non-reflective appearance. 


Neutral Window Films

Choose this understated, neutral film for solar benefits and minimal change in the appearance of exterior windows - or the quality of indoor natural light. 


Exterior Window Films

Specially designed for challenging retrofit applications, these high performance films are designed for installation on the exterior side of building windows.


Low-E Window Films

Low-E films have added insulating properties that ease demands on heating and cooling systems. They keep heat out in warm months and hold it in during cold months. 


Specialty Window Film

This series of films offers virtually invisible solar control benefits and maximum optical clarity. It’s a wise, easy choice for retail display windows, auto dealerships, and historic districts.


Ceramic Window Films

Popular in coastal areas, these films get their corrosion resistance, ultra low-reflective appearance, and impressive solar control from advanced nano-ceramic technology. 


Harmony Window Films

These films merge two technologies that offer powerful benefits on their own. This delivers outstanding performance levels, while technical balance creates a low level of reflectivity.

Spectrally-Selective Window Films

Great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important, these films are ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings, and homes that need minimal light control and maximum heat protection.



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